Ugliness Man (uglinessman) wrote in cancom,
Ugliness Man


allo allo! Welcome to cancom! As the info page says:
This community is devoted to celebrating Canada's amazing contribution to the world of stand-up comedy. Talk about your favourite comedians, post tour info, share any "brush with fame" stories, and if you're a comedian, go ahead and promote yourself by telling us about upcoming gigs and website updates.
I'm your friendly neighbourhood moderator uglinessman, and I hope this comm proves to be fun, and stuff like that. So, get posting!

To start things off, I'll mention that anyone in or near Whaletown, BC should try to go see Lorne Elliot tonight (April 24) at the Gorge Community Hall. Those in or near Jonquiere, PQ can see him at Theatre Palace Arvida on May 13. And if you're anywhere in the Yukon, you should make it a point to try to get to the Whitehorse Centre for the Arts this coming Saturday April 30 for a taping of Madly Off in All Directions.

Any time you attend any comedy gig, please post a review here shortly afterwards.
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