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Community created April 23, 2005. This userinfo was thrown together rather hastily, if you would like to suggest anything to change or add, including additions to the Interests, please make a post

This community is devoted to celebrating Canada's amazing contribution to the world of stand-up comedy. Talk about your favourite comedians, post tour info, share any "brush with fame" stories, and if you're a comedian, go ahead and promote yourself by telling us about upcoming gigs and website updates.


  • The #1 rule of LiveJournal communities (in my opinion) is learn how to do an LJ-cut. It's a very simple LJ technique that all users should learn, and many communities, including this one, have posting rules that involve using cut tags for specific types of posts.
  • This community is primarily English, but of course Canada is bilingual, so posts in French are acceptable. However, if you make a post in French, put the entire post behind a cut, using the text "en français". Instructions on how to make the ç symbol below if you need it.
    Cette communauté est principalement anglaise, mais comme le Canada est bilingue, les posts en français sont acceptés. Toutefois si vous faites un post en français, mettez le en entier "behind a cut", en utilisant le texte "en français." Instructions sur la façon de faire le ç ci-dessous.
  • You are allowed to promote communities here, if they're related to Canadian comedy.
  • Pictures are okay, but be kind to members Friends Pages... if you're posting more than one picture, or a picture with a width of 600 or more (or a height of 400 or more), use a cut.
  • Try to keep the language generally "family friendly". If you feel a need to go beyond PG-13, please use a cut with warning text like "profanity" or "OMG notty wurdz".

    Other rules may or may not be added, depending on if I think of any and/or if they become necessary.

    Have fun!

    - your mod, uglinessman


    Madly Off in All Directions
    Just for Laughs

    Lorne Elliot
    Bowser & Blue
    Derek Edwards
    Brent Butt

    For those of you with a keyboard that doesn't have a ç symbol, here's 4 easy ways to make it:
    1) Copy and paste. After all, the symbol is right there. If you need it for a cut tag, copy and paste this: en français
    2) Hold Alt, hit 231 (on your number pad, not the row of numbers above the letters) and release Alt.
    3) Wherever you need it in the post, type ç. That's a special HTML code that most browsers will interpret as a ç.
    4) Just like the third technique, but use ç instead. The number codes are older and even more standard than the letter codes, so it's very unlikely that a browser wouldn't recognize it as ç.

    Notice that the number in the fourth is the same as the second, minus the 0. This works with any symbol that you can make using the Alt+numpad trick, like é (Alt+0233 or é) and ö (Alt+0246 or ö). A list of all standard symbols and the codes used to generate them is available here.